Rebuild Your Database Entourage 2008

Entourage Database 2008

This Entourage Database 2008 identify the folder to stores all user accounts information so that each user have separate identity folder. Entourage Database 2008 backup is stored in RGE Format. Its backup file is also known as the Entourage Archive File.

Reasons For Error Occurred While Attempting To Rebuild Your Database Entourage 2008 Corruption

  • First and foremost, it might be due to larger mailbox size, that is greater than 4GB.
  • Virus infection.
  • Database Header Corruption.
  • Accidental Deletion Of Files.
  • Corruption of Different File Headers.
  • Improper System shutdown.
  • Entourage Files Corruption.

List Of Error Occurred While Attempting To Rebuild Your Database Entourage 2008

  • Entourage 2008 launch failure.
  • Can't send any entourage, or any action could not get completed.
  • Framework Errors.
  • Database Damage severely.
  • Network settings changed by another program.
  • Entourage cannot get connected to the exchange public folders server.
  • Most of the error occur while trying to send from remote locations
  • Mails could not get retrieved at the same time.
  • Unknown user name or password error.
  • Entourage not responding and cannot read the data in .rge file.
Product Name Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software iSkysoft Data Recovery Software Wondershare Data Recovery For Mac Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery


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 36.3 MB

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Supported OS

 Mac OS X 10.6 & Above

 Mac Pro, MacMini, iMac etc

 Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 etc

 Mac 10, Mac 10.10, 10.11 & above

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Solutions For Error Occurred While Attempting To Rebuild Your Database Entourage 2008 Corruption


If you come confront with such error messages, you should resolve it, otherwise, it leads to severe data loss. So, its advisable to get rid of such situations at the earliest, because it leads to further RGE Database file damage. Hence, in case of such Entourage database 2008 corruption, just try the following methods:-

  • If you are able to recognize those corrupt messages, you can delete them manually.
  • Just delete those fonts that are faulty.
  • Replace the RAM with the desired one.
  • Lastly use database backup software. You should only use your backup database software if its only updated and free from virus.

If your Entourage database 2008 gets corrupted then, your entire database will become inaccessible. So, if you have your Entourage backup, then you can easily restore the data through backup. But if you don't have, this Entourage database backup, then you just need to rebuild your database using professional and trusted software that are available to repair your damaged Entourage Database 2008 file. You can also review Entourage Office Forum for solving these issues. Such tools are best for dealing with all sorts of corruption issues.

Basically There Are Two Types Of Rebuilds :-

  1. Typical Rebuilds 

  2. Advanced Rebuilds

 1. Typical Rebuilds :- This type of rebuilds generally solves minor problems that are present in the Entourage database 2008 such as incorrect sorting and more similar one. It also helps you to rebuild your database to reduce its size by compressing it.

2. Advanced Rebuilds :- This Advanced Rebuilds mainly clears server caches as (IMAP, Exchange And News).

Hence, if this first typical rebuilds will not solve your problem, just try this Advanced Rebuilds.

How To Rebuilds Your Entourage Database 2008 ?


With any rebuilds procedure its good to maintain a backup prior to running. Your database should not get erased, but if something fails during this process, your data get lost. To be very sure, just duplicate your identity folder prior to the rebuild. To gain more information about Entourage database 2008 corruption you can go for Community Discussions.

Basically There Are Two Different Ways To Rebuild Your Mac Entourage database

  1. Manual Method

  2. Automatic Method

Steps To Rebuild Your Entourage Database Manually


Step 1 : If Entourage is running, just click on Quit in File Menu.

Step 2 : Then hold down the Command and Option keys and launch Entourage. Just keep holding down the keys. It would launch Database Utility.

Step 3 : Just make sure the listing for Main Identity is highlighted in database list at top of window. If not, click on to get highlighted.

Step 4 : Click on Button for compact database, the tap continue button.

Step 5: When Database Utility has completed compacting your database, the Compact Status window indicates that, its complete. Now, click on Done button to close your Database Utility and continues to your Entourage Main Window.

Step 6 : Finally click on Quit option and then start Entourage and see whether this problem of error occurred while attempting to rebuild your database entourage 2008 issue get solved.

But unfortunately, this manual method is time consuming process and the risk of permanent data loss is get associated with it. In such circumstances you are required to use Automatic Method that is, just use Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software.

How To Repair A Corrupted Entourage Database 

  • All we know that repair or restoration method is very effective way to fix this file, there are mainly two methods to fix your Corrupted Entourage Database.The very first restoration method is to use an updated backup file and secondly by applying professional automatic tool.

  • In any case, none of these rebuilds work, then you just need some Entourage database recovery software to fix error occurred while attempting to rebuild your database entourage 2008.

  • However there are several commercial as well as free Entourage database recovery software which are used for Mac Data recovery, that are available in the market.

Steps To Rebuild Your Entourage Database Automatically


Commercial Top Three Mac Entourage Recovery Software 

  1. Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software

  2. iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

  3. Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac


Free Mac Data Recovery Software

  1. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Know About  Commercial Mac Data Recovery Software 

1st Rank Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software


Brief Description Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software


Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software is the most reliable and efficient tool that provides simplest method to resolve error occurred while attempting to rebuild your database entourage 2008 corruption. It supports MS Entourage 2008 and upgraded versions. This software rebuilds the database file without doing any change to the corrupted file. It creates a repaired file at a location of user's choice. All your mails, address book, calendars, notes, reminders and tasks are recovered in the repaired file.

Main Features Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software For Error Occurred While Attempting To Rebuild Your Database Entourage 2008 Corruption

  • Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software quickly repairs your Entourage database.
  • Provides Best and Easy To Use Graphical User Interface.
  • Also creates Entourage Repair Long Report.
  • Save Your Recovered Entourage data.
  • Get Accompanied with Powerful scan and preview options.
  • Having multiple formats to save those recovered data.

Steps To Follow To Resolve Error Occurred While Attempting To Rebuild Your Database Entourage 2008 Corruption Using Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software 


Step 1 : At first just run this Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software. Select Entourage Database file with default location of selected files. To choose files, just click on Browse button to simply locate your corrupted Entourage database files.

Step 2 : With this corrupted database file, tap Start button and wait until it finishes its scanning process. In the meanwhile, it show progress bar and display a message box that shows complete details of process.

 Step 3 : Select Close button to close its dialog box, and then you can see a preview of your mailbox. Now, tap folders in folder hierarchy to reveal its contents. Among those. Select one for its review.

Step 4 : To preview other items, as address book, notes etc., select the respective option in the software toolbar. To save this corrupted Entourage database file, click on File menu and choose Save Repaired File.

Step 5 : In Open Dialog box, select a destination to save the repaired Entourage database file, and then tap Choose button. It will starts saving the repaired file.

Step 6 : Once it finishes up repair process, just import repaired database file into the Entourage client running on your Mac machine and see if it works.

Pros And Cons Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software



  • Covers an exceptional number of entourage damaged database file and having above average recovery rate for Entourage Database files.
  • This Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software is quiet fast in nature.
  • There is also an option to select the particular folder to scan.
  • Preview and recovery option are also available.


  • Unlike other hard disk recovery applications, it does not offer any free updates.
  • Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software is little Expensive.

Testimonials Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software


All thanks goes to this software, as it works well in my Entourage database corruption that crash my Mac OS deeply. After using this software, I am getting pleased . Its perfect solution for Entourage database repair software. Everyone should recommend this software and use it with great ease.

Said by Michael Phelp, USA

I have certain issue in my Mac Entourage database. All of sudden it get corrupted. I really don't know whats the reason behind this database corruption. I have tried so many tool, but none of them work well. I was getting depressed, because it fails my data accessibility. As final analysis, I decided to use Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software. This deems as wonderful entourage database repair software. It truly repairs back all my lost Entourage database. It really deserves 5 star rating!!!

Said by Harren Wasting, UK

2nd Rank Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software 


Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software is known to be most easiest and fastest software that provides best solution for accidental deletion of your system. It helps to recover all your deleted files in the system. It generally provides 4 different recovery mode.

Lost File Recovery : Retrieve lost data from trash bin or deleted command + delete completes with original files name and folders.

Partition Recovery : Recovers data from lost deleted, re-sized and corrupt partitions.

Raw File Recovery : It will completely scan your drive and recover files by “file signature”

Resume Recovery : Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software will save your scan results to perform data recovery later.

Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software Key points 

  • Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software restore your recovery files with the original names.
  • It is totally free to use.
  • Provides Deep Scanning.
  • Its risk free software.
  • Offers Flexible Recovery Settings and full preview ability.
  • It also recover files based on jpg, mov, mp3, pages, zip, eml and other types.
  • Support files:- FAT16, FAT32, HFS+, exFAT, NTFS, and HFS+.
  • Also Examine before files recovery.

Restore Mac Files Using Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software During An Error Occurred While Attempting To Rebuild Your Database Entourage 2008 


1. Select Any Recovery Mode

At first install and then open Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software.

Now choose any one of the files from six sections as Photos, Audios, Emails, Documents And Other section, to recover right files.

2. Scan For Lost Files

Here you have to choose the external drive hard drive that you need to recover.

Hit the Start option at the bottom of the screen.

It will scans the existing files on drive.

3. Restore Scan files on the Mac

Once the Quick Scan has been completed, you have to click on each file to get preview the data.

You can also choose File view or Tree view option from the left side of the Window. This File View will display the file extension and Tree View display the exact location of the file.

Here, you should mark the file that you need to recover and click on Recover button. 

Note:- If Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software can't find your files in Quick Scan mode, then it will suggest “Deep Scan” mode using the pop-up.

Hence, Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software is extremely an useful application, especially for the Mac Users, that recovers all your lost data from Max Computer. Its available in full and recommended software.

Pros And Cons Of Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software



  • Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software is easy to set up.
  • This software comes with good user interface.
  • It will also recover data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and other NTFS files systems.
  • It generally recovers all sorts of files.


  • After performing data recovery, the original files names and file folders will not be available.
  • The protected materials of Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software can't get copied.

Testimonials About Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software 


I am feeling so glad after using Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software that help me out in restoring my deleted files. I am really thankful for this software. It works well and and saved me from frustration and frankly nature that made by whole day really worse. After purchasing this software, I am able to find all my photos and other data back, within last minutes.

Said By Clark Behl, Switzerland

After using this effective software, I am able to restore my old data that was lost earlier due to my silly mistake. It comes as a boon for me. Its really easy to use, as realizes, while running this software. Hence, Iskysoft Mac Data Recovery Software is most recommendable tool that everybody should use. It provides big smile on your face and save your big tome when you Mac OS can't boot up.

Said By Ken Julius, England

3rd Rank Wondershare Data Recovery For Mac

Wondershare Data Recovery Software for Mac provides a comprehensive and safe data recovery for Mac data that are lost due to formatting / deletion, virus infection, improper handing of the data, unexpected power failure, or another reasons. It repairs your lost data from any Mac OS hard drive that have an error occurred while attempting to rebuild your database entourage 2008. It also retrieves data from iPod, USB drive, SD Card, MP3 Player and so on. Wondershare Data Recovery Software works well when your Mac data become inaccessible.

There are four unique recovery options that guarantees to find your missing data quickly and easily.


Lost File Recovery

Raw Recovery

Partition Recovery

Resume Recovery

To Recover Your Mac Data Safely & Timely, You Have To Follow These Three Steps

1. Select your recovery mode

2. Scan your system deeply.

3. Lastly Preview, Recovery And Save your files.

Salient Characteristics Of Wondershare Data Recovery Software

  • Wondershare Data Recovery Software is compatible with the HFS, FAT16 / 32 and other NTFS files system volumes.

  • Ensures safe Mac file recovery without modifying its original data that are saved on your device.

  • Supports data recovery from the recycle bin, hard drive memory card, flash drive and so on.

  • Its versatile preview lets you enjoy Mac Data recovery in advance.

  • Also comes with easy to use and clean Interface.

You can download and buy this Wondershare Mac Data Recovery Software from its official site. This registered version has following benefits :-

  • It lets you to recover unlimited data.

  • You can also recover multiple files using the registered software.

Steps To Follow While An Error Occurred While Attempting To Rebuild Your Database Entourage 2008 Using Wondershare Data Recovery Software


Step 1. At first you should download and install Wondershare Data Recovery Software. Just open this program and select the lost recovery mode. Other three recovery options should only be used in case, if lost data could not get traced using the first option.

Step 2. Now you have to scan your device, using the Scan option on interface. If you have one device ,scanning will be done for only this logical drive. In case you have more than one device, then scanning is mandatory for all device. This is mainly done to determine the location of the trash box in your Mac device.

Step 3. Here the user knows whether he can find the lost file in the list.

Step 4. Finally select that location where you want to save your recovered files on your Mac device.

Step 5.Tap Recover option. The lost files will automatically get retrieved in the folder.

Pros And Cons Of Wondershare Data Recovery Software



  • Wondershare Data Recovery Software lets have complete control over lost recovery files.

  • You need to select the recovery process that you want to use.

  • In the canning phase, you can see clearly how much time left and how much your program get accessed.

  • It proves to be quiet accurate during testing.

  • User can pause and scan and continue it later according to their convenience.

  • Supports wide range of supported devices and file formats.


  • Most of the files couldn't get previewed through this app.

  • For recovering you files, you just need to buy its full version.

Hence, Wondershare Data Recovery Software is an easy to use software that comes with the versatile tool to recover your lost data from Mac OS hard drive or memory device. At first it searches, scans and then recover your all sorts of Mac files, regardless whether its deleted, formatted or damaged.

Top Reviews About Wondershare Data Recovery Software 


I thought that there would be no chance of retrieving the lost pictures and this may be the lost option as I have never used anything before, Wondershare Data Recovery Software seems as first option. This software is easy to use and provides clear layout. I am so thankful to this software retrieving my files back.

Said By Benjeen, Poland

After buying another licensed version software, my OS claims this that no files could get recovered. I am getting shocked and don't know what to do. Then my friend suggest to buy Wondershare Data Recovery Software. After installing this software it recover my files back within short period of time. Its really an amazing software. You should use it for better Mac Data Recovery option.

Said by Daniel, Austin

Brief Description About Free Software


Top Rated Free Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery Software


Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery software is one of the most efficient and powerful real trial version software that provides recovery for Mac Data when an error occurred while attempting to rebuild your database entourage 2008. It allows you to recover unlimited GB of data without paying any money. This is specially designed for Mac OS Environment and can be used to all sorts of data from HFS / HFS +, FAT, NTFS, EXFAt as well as other supported file formats. This application helps you to recover your deleted / formatted data from different media like your Internal Hard disk, USB Flash Disk, iPods, Classic and other similar equipment. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery software mostly uses the most up-to date, secure, speedy, and other powerful data recovery engines. It can also recovers the disk data even the partitions are formatted or damaged. It recovers the data in all cases, if you have accidental deletion, data deletion using shift + del keys, software crash, power failure and so on. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery quiet efficient in resolving from these kinds of issues. This tool is design to rescue and copy your data to another destination such as removable drive, hard drive or another storage media.

It Includes Three Steps To Operate :-


Evaluate:- this step identifies all the devices and partitions on the system and then displays what it has found.

Recovery:- It examines all the file structures that lies on corrupted partitions, constructs a virtual file system in memory.

Tag And copy:- Here a list of files are graphically presented for user selection. User can freely filter their files and copy it to a safe location.

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery Data Recovery options :-


File Recovery:-

Partitions recovery:-

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery Software Specialization

  • Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery recovers all types of files that are deleted / hidden / formatted / da,ages from the Mac OS.

  • Easy recover of accidental data.

  • Recover your lost data from the hard disk, even if the partitions are formatted, or deleted.

  • It includes support for all Mac OS having 10.5 and its higher versions.

  • Data and file previewing option is also available.

  • You can better know the progress of your disk scan .

  • Free technical support services are also offered.

Learn How To Fix An Error Occurred While Attempting To Rebuild Your Database Entourage 2008 Using Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery


Step 1: At first just download and drag to your Applications folder to install Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery.

Step 2 : It will open a Wizard that of Mac Recovery Module. You are presented with different recovery Mode options as Fast Scan, Deep Scan, Un-delete, Un-format. Using this option you can recover the lost data.

Step 3: Now select a dir to save your file. You should not save your file to the volumes where you can lost them.

Pros And cons Of Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery



  • Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery provides several search options as Fast Scan, Un-delete, Un-format, Deep Scan.

  • It also comes with the built in Data recovery Wizard, that is relatively easy to use.

  • Walks through all the necessary steps for file detection and recovery.

  • Comprehensive Help Features that you consult if you get stuck with any problem.


  • With the Data Recovery Wizard and Help Feature, it makes impossible for inexperience users to take advantage of Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery features.

  • Its interface is little intimidating.

  • Hence, Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery software is a robust Mac Data recovery tool. It provides complete recovery possibilities that are comparable to any commercial recovery product. Thus, being a free tool, there are no annoying restrictions. One should surely go for it.

Soft Saying By Users 


After installing this software, almost all my file get retrieved. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery software is quiet satisfying software, as my images are protected against any changes. It also provides Preview options. I am feeling much pleased to use this software. Thanks a lot!!

Said By Velvik, London

When I accidentally emptied the trash bin with a valuable folder inside it, I found that my Mac Data recovery is not working. It does not recover any erased files from Mac OS. Then after using Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery software, I am able to get back my formatted data. Its quiet fast and easy recovery software that recovers data from inaccessible or deleted Mac Volumes. You should go for it without any delay.

Said By Alex, Russia

Final Course Of Action For Rebuilding Your Entourage Database 2008 


After seeing these software, you should always prefer Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software. This is used as one of the most recognizable software that cause the main reasons for Mac Data Recovery. This is quiet easy to use and most reliable but the program does not have any shortcomings, that you afraid of buying it. You can freely buy this software and use it with great ease. It is design to restore all the corrupt and inaccessible mailbox items that includes your attachments, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes.

Best Features Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software 

  • Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software will repair and restore your Entourage Database files.

  • Also repair your database items like emails, notes, address books, scheduled tasks, etc.

  • Preview option is also available for seeing and analyzing scan results prior to saving.

  • Creates Entourage archive (.rge) files to store your recovered data.

Best Guide To Follow To Solve An Error Occurred While Attempting To Rebuild Your Database Entourage 2008 Using Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software


Step 1 : At first you have to start your Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software application and then “select Entourage database file” dialog box is displayed on your screen. Otherwise just click on Open button and click Open File option, from File Menu. 

Step 2: Tap browser to select database form the different file location.

Step 3 : Select your entourage database file that is to be repaired. Click on Open button.

Step 4 : Selected file path is displayed on your “Select Entourage Database File” dialog box. Just click on the Start button, to start the scanning process.

Step 5 : Now, a dialog box is showing the progress of your scanning process. Tap Stop option, to stop scanning process.

Step 6 : A message as summary box displayed on your screen, showing the recovery details after your file scan is completed. Finally click on Close button to finish up the process.

Software Features:

  1. It recovers all the corrupted or deleted Mac data.
  2. It recovers data from HFS, HFS+, FAT, Wrapper file system.
  3. It retrieves data external devices like USB, Optical media, etc
  4. It restores all kind of Mac data such as photos, videos, PDF, emails, etc.
  5. It is compatible with the all the Mac versions.

Steps to Repair:




  • Really wonderful and worth software to recover your lost data from Mac. Great application, than you guys for helping me out. "Jacob Ryan"
  • I lost all hopes of recovering my lost valuable data but this software helped me to get all my data back in few clicks. thanks for your help. "Martina Lisa"
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